We love… Sam Hunt

In association with the Wanaka writers’ group Poetic Justice, we were happy to have the iconic scribe Sam Hunt stay at The Black Shack recently. It was wonderful to snuggle into the Wanaka Living lounge rugs and listen to the swoon-worthy words of New Zealand’s favourite vagabond poet as he charmed us with his ideas about the writing life. You’ll find his latest book, Chords next to Sue Wootton’s Hourglass on our discerning bookshelf.

Here’s a snippet of one of his latest poems, ‘Knucklebone One’:

I heard someone said they
saw you just the other day.
I told them they were lying.
I knew they knew it too…
You may as well not live here.
But when you do
move on, or through, let me know.
So I can start missing you.